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November 3, 2010
'Dealings with Long Creek Apiaries' in the 'Consumer Report Forum' on a popular beek website was closed on Oct 31, 2010. I was disappointed in the closing of that discussion.  Twenty-six direct and very entertaining posts sparked the closing; the posts were most likely deleted for the valid, truthful, opinionated content that might not have fallen within the posting guidelines of the forum.

The discussion began on Saturday evening October 29, 2010 with a post by 'SUSIE QUEEN' of San Francisco, CA., and continued through Sunday afternoon.  'SUSIEQUEEN' posted the following selected intelligent and informed remarks to beekeepers who have had money and bees stolen from them:  (with misspelling and grammatical errors included).

EEEKKK! It's a troll!!!

"Maybe all of you need to get a life! This is beginning to sound like an obsession! At the very least repetitive"

"Here in California you would probably just disappear forever (police would help out!) Besides, what if you are wrong? In that case, all 20 pages would prevent anyone from getting paid. The business would simply disappear along with the debt. With African bees established in Georgia, where are you going to get them?"

"Many of today's sucessful companies once were bankrupt. What would have happened if everyone stopped buying car's from US automakers because they were bankrupt? Were they guilty of fraud because of market conditions and/or bad judgement? Of course not! The point is that because the posters here believe there is fraud, then there must be fraud. If they are wrong, then they are misleading the public. Crusades are not always a good thing. Remember the Christian crusades that killed thousands of people because the crusaders though they we right. Will your hindsight prove you correct?"

"I think he should be given a chance to remain in business so he can make this right. This forum is not giving giving him a chance by attempting to put him out of business. You will probably reach your goals but is everybody willing to give up what they are due to them? I thought the idea is to get paid back in time. With the Georgia African bee situation, we need every source of bee in other parts of the country that we can find. I have suppliers here on the west coast but those on the east coast are not so fortunate. We will all pay a much higher price in the future."

I do not know 'SUSIEQUEEN'. I personally believe David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries put her up to her posts, and other fourm members expressed beliefs that she was associated with David Winters.  'SUSIEQUEEN' denied any association with David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries.  I have to wonder, WHO TOLD "SUSIE QUEEN' WE WOULD BE PAID BACK IN TIME?  I know a beek who has been waiting 2 years; 2 YEARS for a refund of $950.00.  Police in California would make us disappear for asking for our money???

David Winters has been on a crusade himself, sending forum members messages and pleading with them to post on his behalf; apologize for their posts or get me to apologize for my posts .  Some of the content that was posted by 'SUSIEQUEEN' was in part some of David Winters pleadings.

David Winters posted this deleted comment on July 28, 2010, 'SUSIEQUEEN' does this sound familiar?
"Bad advice"

"Title says it all. Which is better? That a company stay in business and pay all money owed in time, OR, file formal bankruptcy , liquidate assets, and everyone receive only 10% of the money owed? Be careful what you ask for, you may get it!"

I do know this about 'SUSIEQUEEN''SUSIEQUEEN ' posted these remarks in a different thread in the Consumer Report Forum  and I am curious about these posts:

Posted by 'SUSIEQUEEN' on 10-7-2010: (Post #3):

I would like to ask 'SUSIEQUEEN'  who she avoided with bad reports in the 'Consumer Report Forum', the very forum discussing David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries.

Posted by 'SUSIEQUEEN on 10-28-2009:  (Post # 1):

'SUSIEQUEEN' said in her post that David Winters was too far from her in San Francisco, California to order bee packages from in Tennessee, yet 'SUSIEQUEEN' ordered or considered ordering queens from a supplier in Louisiana???  'SUSIEQUEEN' MIGHT ORDER FROM LOUISIANA BUT NOT TENNESSEE  BECAUSE TENNESSEE IS TO FAR???

'SUSIEQUEEN' of San Francisco, wherever and whoever you are, here are the facts of my 'crusade',  plain and simple for you:

Sent a check to David Winters=$740 bucks
No honey bees delivered=zero, zip, nada.
No refund=zero, zip, nada.
No honey bees=no honey=no wax=zero customers=no income….
Zero income.
No bees building up in spring.  This will put me 2 years behind.
No emails, no letters, no phone calls from David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries. Zero , zip, nada. David Winters doesn’t write and doesn’t call.
My experience with David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries is not priceless.

I appreciate those who did speak out, and appreciate those who speak out for those of us who have had our money stolen from us from David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries.  

This is my philosophy in life(and business):

Life is very good, work hard, have fun!
Play fair, don’t cheat, and there will be rewards.
Share; sharing is a good thing (I never went to kindergarten).
Never write checks with your mouth that your backside.... (or attorney :-) !!!) can’t cover!
Tell the truth and admit when your wrong and say your sorry.
Take naps or chill; spend time with the bees, go fishing, call a friend, have a cocktail. Do something so you don’t get all snarly and cranky.
And most of all never ever take money to the bank you didn’t rightfully earn.

I value my membership on this popular forum.  I hope if the administrators stumble across this post, they would contact me prior to deleting my posts with one click, and banning me.  My posts have been helpful to many and I have made some great friendships with beekeepers across the United States.



October 14, 2010
There are many beekeepers across the U.S.A. who have placed orders and sent their money to David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries, to have their money stolen and no honey bees delivered to them, from $100 to $1,000.  David Winters gives FALSE excuses and stops answering his phone and emails.  There are many of us who are trying to get the attention of the Tennessee Attorney General's Office for investigation and prosecution of David Winters fraudulent business practices.  Here is what you can do to help:

MOST IMPORTANT, place a phone call to E. Ross White, Asst. Director of the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs, phone number #615-741-4737.  He is a great guy and will listen to you.  Mr. White is asking for phone calls from anyone David Winters has stolen money from, or has not delivered bees to.

*Office of the Attorney General Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs
*U. S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Division
*Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection
*Internet Crime Complaint Center (this is an FBI partnered organization).
*Better Business Bureau of Tennessee

*Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Mike Studer, Tennessee State Apiarist 
*Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association
*American Bee Journal
*Bee Culture Magazine
 These journals will not run David Winters ads until he has paid refunds in full.

*File a Full Faith And Credit Judgment in your state against David Winters.  This requires hiring an attorney, however the judgment is enforceable in the state of Tennessee.

*Place a phone call to Cocke County Sheriff Armando Fontes, to report a theft of your money; phone # (423) 623-6004.
*Place a phone call or write a letter to David Winters' private attorney Clyde Dunn, phone # (423) 623-5756.
*Place a phone call or write a letter to Brenda Winters' attorney Aisha Rahman, Southeast Tennessee Legal Aid, phone # (865) 637-0484.  These attorneys are good folks who need to be aware of what David Winters has stolen from you.

*Send David Winters emails on a frequent basis about what he owes you, he may not answer you, but he does read his emails.  David Winters email addresses:   beeman01@wildblue.net, sales@longcreekapiaries.com,   sales@caucasianbreeder.com, beeman01@longcreekapiaries.com.

*In addition, I send David Winters a bill (invoice) for the money he owes me and stole from me, with the  interest I am paying to the bank for the money I loaned and paid to him and he cashed.  I also send a copy of the invoice to the attorneys.

*Contact your local bee association or bee supplier, or any favorite websites you visit and encourage them not to link to David Winters websites or promote him as  a bee supplier.

Whether you were swindled out of $100 or a $1000 dollars doesn't matter.  Do something to help yourself and other beekeepers who may order from David Winters in the future.

Please send me an email, or leave me a comment to let me know if any of this information was helpful to you,  or if you have any questions.  My email: riverbee:

David Winters Long Creek Apiaries; MY FIRST YEAR WITHOUT HONEY BEES......!?

October 13, 2010
To my family, friends, and honey customers, this is my first year without honey bees, thanks to DAVID WINTERS, owner and proprietor of LONG CREEK APIARIES, Parrotsville, Tennessee. David Winters swindled me out of $740.00 for money i paid to him and sent him a cashiers check for in March of 2010, to deliver honey bees to me in May of 2010.  My honey bees were never delivered and my money was kept.  David Winters cashed my check; didn't send me the honey bees i ordered and refuses and ignores my requests for a refund of my money.

I have learned that i am one of many beekeepers across the United States David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries has stolen money from.  I am pursuing every legal avenue possible to recover my money, although i don't expect to ever see it; or to see that he is prosecuted for his fraudulent business practices.

Many of you have asked about my honey bees this summer, and were very surprised to learn I did not have honey bees to keep.  All have heard and read about the honey bee losses. Many of you have sent me articles and ask questions about the nature of honey bees!   For small beekeepers like me, it is getting very difficult to get honey bees, let alone overwinter them because of the diseases and pests, and the limited supply of honey bees available. The losses of honey bees for all beekeepers are greater every year.  The costs are greater every year because of the losses and increased demand for pollination and natural honey products.  For a small beekeeper as myself the costs outweigh any financial gain. Every year I incur the financial losses simply because I enjoy keeping wild things in a box.....™ I enjoy the wonder and curious nature of honey bees.... So it really STINGS when another beekeeper has swindled me out of my money and robbed me of a year without honey bees.  This is money i am paying interest on, and in addition,  will have to pay an additional amount of money equal to or more than the $740.00 to have honey bees delivered to me in spring 2011 from another supplier.

If you are interested, these are my posts describing in detail my experience with David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries, and why i don't have honey bees this year, go here:

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I have a limited amount of Rush River Gold™ wildflower comb honey and Rush River Gold™ wildflower liquid honey still available from my honey harvest in the fall of 2009!  Thank you for your questions and curiosity!  Thank you for your continued support of Rush River Honey Company™! Thank you for buying my honey!

Best regards to all!


I love critters.....anyone that knows me knows I love critters!  I didn't have honey bees this year because of David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries but I have blue jays that love peanuts. The jays have trained me with a whistle or a 'bark' from the deck and wait for me until I bring out the peanuts.....