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David Winters Long Creek Apiaries; MY FIRST YEAR WITHOUT HONEY BEES......!?

October 13, 2010
To my family, friends, and honey customers, this is my first year without honey bees, thanks to DAVID WINTERS, owner and proprietor of LONG CREEK APIARIES, Parrotsville, Tennessee. David Winters swindled me out of $740.00 for money i paid to him and sent him a cashiers check for in March of 2010, to deliver honey bees to me in May of 2010.  My honey bees were never delivered and my money was kept.  David Winters cashed my check; didn't send me the honey bees i ordered and refuses and ignores my requests for a refund of my money.

I have learned that i am one of many beekeepers across the United States David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries has stolen money from.  I am pursuing every legal avenue possible to recover my money, although i don't expect to ever see it; or to see that he is prosecuted for his fraudulent business practices.

Many of you have asked about my honey bees this summer, and were very surprised to learn I did not have honey bees to keep.  All have heard and read about the honey bee losses. Many of you have sent me articles and ask questions about the nature of honey bees!   For small beekeepers like me, it is getting very difficult to get honey bees, let alone overwinter them because of the diseases and pests, and the limited supply of honey bees available. The losses of honey bees for all beekeepers are greater every year.  The costs are greater every year because of the losses and increased demand for pollination and natural honey products.  For a small beekeeper as myself the costs outweigh any financial gain. Every year I incur the financial losses simply because I enjoy keeping wild things in a box.....™ I enjoy the wonder and curious nature of honey bees.... So it really STINGS when another beekeeper has swindled me out of my money and robbed me of a year without honey bees.  This is money i am paying interest on, and in addition,  will have to pay an additional amount of money equal to or more than the $740.00 to have honey bees delivered to me in spring 2011 from another supplier.

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I have a limited amount of Rush River Gold™ wildflower comb honey and Rush River Gold™ wildflower liquid honey still available from my honey harvest in the fall of 2009!  Thank you for your questions and curiosity!  Thank you for your continued support of Rush River Honey Company™! Thank you for buying my honey!

Best regards to all!

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