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Many of you are looking to purchase bees for spring. Educate yourself and buy from a reputable company. Utilize the search engines, the bee forums, the BBB, the states Consumer Affairs Division. If you are looking for russians, you might check with the RHBA. About David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries; my page describes my experience with this company, and a Utah reporters article fighting for your honey...bees....

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FIGHTING FOR MY REFUND.  My hat and veil are off to reporter Matt Gephardt, for Utah's KUTV 2News & Connect2Utah.com, in Salt Lake City, for this story, reported Monday August 22, 2011.  Also THANK YOU JACOB JENKINS!

What does it take to catch a thief???  read on......

Get Gephardt: Fighting for Your Honey...Bees.

Jacob Jenkins has an unusual hobby. He makes his own honey. And, to do so, Jacob needs hundreds of honey bees.

Currently, Jacob has two hives and the supplies to build two more. Now all he needs is more bees.

Last March, Jacob turned to the internet and found "Long Creek Apiaries" out of Tennessee. Owner David Winters said he could ship him the bees.

So, Jacob sent a check for $266.

"[Winters] said he was supposed to deliver them the end of May," Jacob says. "Here we sit now, it is almost September and we haven't seem them."

And, when Jacob tries to reach Winters, he says he doesn't hear back.

2News called the Tennessee company and left a message with the owner. Where are Jacob's bees? Well apparently this is not the first time he's heard from a tv station.

Long Creek Apiaries did respond to me, sort of.

Via email, David Winters writes, "I have a rule that I never respond to third party requests for information.

"The only way I would even consider responding is if I had complete editorial control" over the story.

"And since no reporter will agree to those terms...i respectfully decline your request for information."

And, it seems Jacob is not alone. On one online bulletin board there is page after page written by people who say they too paid Long Creek Apiaries and never saw their bees.

'I think i'm getting the screw job," Jacob says.

So, what now, jacob? Well you do have a few options.

There is always small claims court. Jacob would surly win, but collecting is another story.

I am told the the Tennessee Division of Consumer Protection is currently investigating. And, 2News also contacted the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. They say they want to try and help.

If you pay for a product that never arrives, that is a clear violation of Utah law. And the Utah Division of Consumer Protection is there to help us get restitution.
If you want to file a complaint, it's easy to do and costs nothing. Go to: http://www.consumerprotection.utah.gov/

If you would like to read the story and read some entertaining comments by David Winters of Long Creek Apairies, here is the link:  

Get Gephardt: Fighting for Your Honey...Bees...

Update.... Monday May 16, 2011

I’m not a blogger. i like to write but i don't have the time to write or to 'blog'.  My blog was originally started until I could get a website up and running and I am still working on my website. thank you all for your visits! 

Some of the subjects I will be updating here in the near future:

*I will have bees this year!  (no thanks to David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries who still refuses to refund my money from last year and didn’t send bees as promised, and many, many others he swindled.  I would like to hear from you, send me an email.

*Top 10 reasons and excuses David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries told you beeks why you didn’t receive your bees or your refund in 2010, and how many beeks he owes packages to for 2011. (150 +).  If you ordered from him and expect them for 2011, the same excuses or variations of them will probably apply.  You won't see your bees and you can kiss your money goodbye.   I would like to thank everyone who emailed me with the same problem.

*The Beesource Beekeeping Forum thread, Long Creek Apiaries has been reopened and SUSIEQUEEN HAS RETURNED!  David Winters, alias Beemaster01 is SUSIEQUEEN, gee.  This is your opportunity to report your experience with Long Creek Apiaries!  How can a member have 2 identities? mmmm,  Dunno, less a member has something to hide…. 

Aside from all of David Winters nefarious activity, I will continue to post my experience here until I am repaid in full. $740.00.  I have received many emails from beeks who are in the same bee boots. 
STAY TUNED! (you too David).

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