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Many of you are looking to purchase bees for spring. Educate yourself and buy from a reputable company. Utilize the search engines, the bee forums, the BBB, the states Consumer Affairs Division. If you are looking for russians, you might check with the RHBA. About David Winters of Long Creek Apiaries; my page describes my experience with this company, and a Utah reporters article fighting for your honey...bees....

Search This Blog for Consumer Information on Long Creek Apiaries and David Winters


For those of you who are looking for some current information on the status of LCA and David Winters, The Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs, as of May 7, 2012, has now placed LONG CREEK APIARIES, of Parrotsville, Tennessee on the state’s BUYER BEWARE LIST:

From Tennessee’s website regarding the Buyer Beware list guidelines in part:

“What qualifies a business or individual to be listed on the Buyer Beware list? "
“1.  A response was received but resolution was not provided as promised in writing.  (The Division, not the consumer, will make the determination if the business or individual did not correct or address the complaint.)

2.  A company or individual that appears to be conducting business without the required license or registration to engage in such business or profession

3.  Businesses and individuals may also be listed if legal proceedings are in process that indicate suspicious activity.  “


Many of you have visited the Long Creek Apiaries Website to find David Winters is claiming he is out of business and is claiming GMO crops have contributed to “extensive losses” of Winter’s honey bees…….GET ME A VIOLIN…..David Winters stole your money and he can’t refund it or send you your bees, so a new excuse his borne to cover his nefarious activity(ponzi  like scheme):

From Long Creek Apiaries Website:
“Due to extensive colony losses due to several hundred acres of Gmo soybeans within flying distance of our colonies, we will not be shipping any packages or queens this year of for the foreseeable future.  We were able to deal with the mites and hive beetles but we haven’t figured out how to deal with genetically modified crops that are now almost everywhere.  This is the worst disaster we have seen in fifty-two years of beekeeping.  It is with much regret and sadness that we must close Long Creek.  It is very much like losing a child or family member.  Beekeeping information will be maintained on this site for a period of time.  Thank you everyone for your support.”

REALLY?! Nothing about the money he owes for the past 4 years.......


Check this out for yourselves. Nice pictures of farm tractors in wheat fields……
From the homepage of Long Creek Apiaries:
Long Creek Apiaries has been in the farming business for over 5 years. We are proud to be a guaranteed resource for quality farming services at low prices. Our experienced farmers are skilled in raising healthy live stock, pasteurization, agriculture and more. We invite you to visit us today and see for yourself why our farm is so special.”

“Additional Info":
"When you choose Long Creek Apiaries you are not only choosing a farming company, you are choosing a team that is fully dedicated to providing quality livestock, dairy, and produce at great prices.”

“About us":
"Long Creek Apiaries is dedicated to providing Parrottsville , TN with the freshest and best quality farming services available.”
“Give us a call at xxx xxx xxxx for more information or stop by and take a tour of our beautiful farm! “

From the “About us” page:
  • Honey Bees
  • Sales of Bees
  • Packaged Bees
  • Queen Bees
  • Individual & Commercial Sales
You decide. Truth or farce about GMO crops and Long Creek Apiaries going out of business…..

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